Why Kava Chocolate?

We discovered Kava in 2008 while living on the Big Island of Hawaii.  At the time, our daughter was teething really badly and was miserable.  Our neighbor who had a Kava farm brought some Kava root over one day and rubbed it on her gums.  Presto!  Like magic she stopped crying and was a happy baby again.  

I was instantly intrigued by this amazing plant called Kava!  I visited our friends farm and learned how the Kava root has stress-fighting compounds called kavalactones that have a sedative and numbing effect.  

Cousin to the pepper plant, Kava also has a bitter, earthy taste.   I thought how could this most beneficial plant become more palatable?  And then it hit me!  Chocolate!  Really, who doesn’t like chocolate?  Chocolate also helps with  absorption because the Kava oils bind with the cocoabutter in the chocolate resulting in a much more effective absorption. And that’s how Kava Chocolate came to be!

We’re celebrating over 8 years in business thanks to our loyal customers!  Thank you for partnering with our family-owned business!